I create hand crafted top quality Tensor technology Jewellery and Orgonite pyramids, tower busters, pendants and hangings for your home/ meditation/ healing space.  An explanation of the technologies that I use can be found in the "Tech Information" section.

 I also create 'Bespoke' so please feel free to contact me here or on Facebook if you have a particular idea of what you would like as I can create a piece to fit your needs. It usually takes about two to three weeks to produce a piece from start to finish because of the curing process (orgonite) so please keep this in mind when ordering bespoke gifts at certain times of the year or when buying as a

gift for special occasions <3



Each piece is created using Reich Orgone technology or Tensor Field technology with the addition  of healing crystal energy and spiritual symbolism. All pieces are produced in a Frankincense/Bay cleansed environment with the use of Schumann Resonance frequencies 432Hz and 528Hz. Before creating each piece I carry out a short meditation to allow me to centre myself and work from my heart space.  

Each time that we create a ring, more light is introduced to our beautiful planet assisting with the expansion of human consciousness

All pieces contain a mixture of home created Carbon, Gemstones, Copper, Steel, Iron, Volcanic powders and healing Incenses and all pieces described as Orgonite adhere to a 50/50 matrix ratio of metals /organic/inorganic material. I do not use cheap or inadequate materials. My prices reflect this. Cheap options are available on Ebay but be aware that they can be of inferior quality. Like everything in life, You get what you pay for and cheap imitations simply don't work. I find this extremely frustrating and sad because Orgonite is getting bad press through those creating poor pieces that don't work and we need to be celebrating this wonderful technology and respecting these creations that can change our world dramatically.