VEGAN Crystal "V" 1/8 LOST cubit tensor ring  pendant! 177hz

Wear this beautiful hand crafted pendant  as a statement piece to express your compassion for our beautiful fellow sentient beings while you benefit from the healing  'negative ion' energy created by the tensor ring and its crystal properties. The properties of your chosen crystal are enhanced by the energy of the torsion ring.  

Each crystal property will be enhanced by the energy of the ring. Please feel free to request crystals before purchase as I have a variety available as well as the ones shown in the pic (Malachite, Amethyst, Rhodonite and Tourmaline)

A Tensor Ring created in crystalline copper to the 1/8 LOST cubit
measurement  177hz

Creating the ring by twisting and bending the crystalline copper wire back
on itself creates a counter rotating energy vortex, which in turn creates
an energy field within the space of the ring. It is an infinite source of energy
that is neither electric nor magnetic with an output that is beneficial and
healing to all life forms. It is a superconductor that neutralizes magnetic fields
bringing coherency to chaos and easily stabilizes and equalizes the energy
fields of the body.  Allowing crystals to hold the space within the ring infuses
this energy with the healing properties of the crystals while in return the tensor
energy enhances the properties of the crystal

Available with cream or brown thong / strap VEGAN FRIENDLY!


VEGAN Crystal "V" 1/8 LOST cubit tensor ring pendant! 177hz