Tree of Life Tensor Pendant.. Available in various crystals.

Bespoke pieces are also available


The 1/4 Sacred cubit tensor ring has been handcrafted using the technology re-discovered by Slim Spurling . Created with crystalline

copper to the Sacred cubit measurement with precision. The Sacred cubit ring works to harmonize the energy that surrounds it. A vortex of piezo-electric energy which is created  during the process of making the ring is very beneficial to the body, Transmuting and cleansing the energies. 


Created in a cleansed area with loving and healing intent to the sounds of 528hz miracle healing tone


I always carry out a meditation using the trinity breath before creating

any of my pieces to assure they are made from my heart space

and carry the best of energies and intentions for their new home

Bespoke is also available, feel free to contact me.

All information is available on my website


Once you receive your pendant, Cleanse it and sit with it to infuse with 

your own intentions and energies. 


Blessings xx

Tree of Life crystal Tensor Pendant. 1/4 Sacred Cubit 144hz