Spirit Quartz, Tourmaline & Shungite Large Orgonite Pyramid


Created with a double orgonite, A separately created Elite Noble Shungite and Tourmaline Towerbuster is embedded into the pyramid. This practice enhances the piezioelectric affect of the orgonite.


Features a large Spirit Quartz crystal surrounded by the powerful energy of the 1/4 sacred tensor ring and Amethyst gemstones and created with holographic powder for a beautiful aesthetically pleasing finish.


Richly layered with Brass, Copper, Shungite and Frankincense. Therefore it has all the healing powers of Spirit Quartz, all the cleansing power of Frankincense, Shungite and Tourmaline, with all the EMF busting powers that Elite Noble Shungite offers. 


Spirit Quartz (which is incredibly beautiful with its lilac hues) symbolizes balance and harmony that is achieved through spiritual evolution and growth. This crystal forges a strong link between its users and the spiritual realms. The crystal has characteristics of introspection and inner illumination. Spirit Quartz is an unusual member of the Quartz family - a community within a stone. Its core, a larger, candle-shaped crystal with a faceted termination point, is encrusted with hundreds of smaller crystal termination points.


Also referred to as Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz, it is found only in the Magaliesberg Mountain region of South Africa. It activates the higher Crown chakras, bringing in spiritual information and providing multi-dimensional healing. It is very cleansing to the aura and can dispel negative attachments and entities, and repair holes to the etheric body

Size LARGE  6" x 5"


Please keep in mind that these are all handmade pieces so they may have tiny flaws. I strive to make my pyramids as beautiful, powerful and aesthetically pleasing as possible.







Spirit Quartz, Tourmaline & Shungite Large Orgonite Pyramid