Clearing and Energising Pocket Generator

Amethyst & Ruby Zoisite


8cm x 5.5cm in size


ALSO AVAILABLE MADE TO ORDER WITH PREDOMINANT CRYSTALS OF YOUR CHOICE (If choosing bespoke, please feel free to email me and please allow two weeks notice prior to needing your order)


Layers of Amethyst, Copper, Clear Quartz, Ruby

Zoisite, Turquoise & Brass


Embedded with three Copper Coiled Quartz

crystal points which enables clear flow

of cleansed Orgone energy


Clear Quartz ia a good

all round cleansing stone. 

Ruby Zoisite helps to open you up to

divine love and offers the energy of


Turquoise is a beautiful healing stone

(The chosen stone of the Egyptian Gods)


Specifically created as a slimline energy

generator to carry on your person or in

your pocket. Benefit from the beautiful

healing properties of the crystals whilst

combating the harmful EMF from

carrying your mobile phone on your



Hand created with loving intention to the

sounds of 528hz miracle tone and infused

with Reiki energy



Slimline pocket orgonite EMF busting tablet

  • All items are returnable within 7 days in original packaging and condition if you are not satisfied with your item :)