Created with a 1/4 Lost cubit ring holding the space within a 1/2 Lost cubit ring


177mhz frequency.

1/4 Lost is 14.917cm

1/2 Lost is 29.835cm


Perfect for hanging in your Yoga / Meditation / Healing space.


Tourmaline is a fantastic crystal for protection against EMF & WIFI and for all

times where cleansing and balancing is necessary.


Rainbow tourmaline is said to strengthen weak souls and bring about self confidence. It helps release tension and anxiety and It guards the nervous system and improves the immune system. It also brings compassion, love and energy to any relationship.

It is also called the Love Stone as it is worn by those couples facing difficulties in their relationships as it is usually worn to balance one's energy in the body.


For all info on the Lost cubit ring please see INFO section


Blessings xx

Rainbow Tourmaline Double Lost Cubit Tensor Hanging/Mobile