Purifying & Cleansing 1/8 Lost cubit Tensor pendant

177mhz frequency

Created with Haematite, Black Tourmaline and Malachite.


Haematite and Black Tourmaline are super EMF busting crystals.

Black Tourmaline is also a stone of purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties or anger.


Malachite is a stone of transformation and encourages change. It shows what is blocking your spiritual growth, draws out deep feelings and psychosomatic causes, then allows you to break unwanted ties and outworn patterns. It encourages the expression of feelings and alleviates shyness, supports friendships and empathy for other people.

Malachite can also help sooth in times of depression and anxiety


For more info on the technology please refer to my Information page

Blessings xx

Purifying & Cleansing 1/8 Lost cubit Tensor pendant