For the Chinese and the Japanese, the swallow is a symbol of fidelity, fertility and good luck. The European people see the swallow as a messenger of spring, love, and happiness. The Swallow animal totem will enable you to release yourself from all the past worries and pain that you have suffered. There is a prevailing ancient belief that the swallow bird itself is connected to healing and symbolizes hope and prosperity. In ancient Greece, the swallow was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, and was believed to bring good luck and happiness.


The Swallow is streamlined, and is the most aerodynamic of all the bird species and this characteristic evolved over centuries by being synchronized to Spirit flowing within her. From the very beginning that the swallow totem animal came into being, she was enamored with the beauty of all things.


Swallow spirit animal is always going to direct you towards your family and things that are good for you. You can never expect a swallow to cause you harm or put you up to something bad as it is a symbol of the holy.


Created with a 1/4 Lost cubit Tensor Ring 177mhz frequency. A ring that works on all physical, etheric and spiritual levels.


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Power Animal Totem Pendant. 1/4 Lost Tensor/Swallow