AMBER Tree of Life Lost Cubit Orgonite Pyramid


177mhz frequency 

3.5" x 3" in size

Features an Amber crystal seated within a hammered 8 guage 1/8 Lost Cubit Tensor Ring.


Unlike the Sacred cubit ring which works on the physical, The Lost cubit works on the mental, emotional, physical and etheric planes. It is useful for Auric cleansing, clearing and grounding. Has a calming and soothing effect and works well against pain. Great in facilitating meditation and has a horizontal energy that balances feminine and masculine energy


Created with layers of Quartz, Citrine, Elite Noble Shungite, Carbon, Copper, Silica and Peruvian Opal  and features a Tree of Life symbol.


The orgonite features a gold glitter and holographic finish.   A separately created Shungite nano powder orgonite is embedded within the base of this orgonite. Transmutes EMF / WIFI and other electro magnetic frequencies / dirty electricity.


The Amber crystal within this orgonite has the following properties.....

  • Balances emotions
  • Eliminates fears.
  • Clears the mind.
  • Dissolves negative energy.
  • Helps develop patience and wisdom.


For all info on tensor tech, Shungite and orgonite please see my ''info page''


Blessings x



AMBER Tree of Life Lost Tensor Orgonite Pyramid