Rose Quartz & Amethyst 1/8th Lost cubit Tensor Love Generation Pyramid


A LOVE GENERATION Orgonite pyramid created with an 1/8th Lost cubit Tensor ring. Features Elite Noble Shungite Nano powder, shungite crystals, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Steel, Peruvian Opal, Copper spirals, Garnet, Black Tourmaline and Carbon.


Featuring a large Amethyst crystal point at the apex and a rich layer of Amazonite crystals embedded in the base.


Now for the LOVE GENERATION bit ......


Rose Quartz and Peruvian Opal  for their ''love infusing'' properties. Whether this be self love or unconditional love between families and friends or healing the heart chakra. 

Amazonite for self love and wisdom.

Amethyst for protection against negative energies. 

Rhodolite garnet for helping to open a person up to receiving love. It helps manifest emotional wellbeing and an abundance of self-love.


Elite Noble Shungite has amazing cleansing properties against electro-magnetic frequencies, stagnant electrical energy and 5G frequencies. Please see my Info page for details of how wonderful Shungite is.


Created in a cleansed environment to the sounds of Miracle tone 528mhz frequency


Blessings. xx









Rose Quartz & Amethyst Love Generation Pyramid

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