Elite Noble Shungite & Tourmaline Merkabah Orgonite Pyramid


8.5cm width x 7.5cm height


This pyramid is packed with 'premium' Karelian Elite Noble Shungite

crystals plus nano powder, copper, black tourmaline, quartz, steel, Shungite nano powder and home produced carbon.


SHUNGITE is taking the healing world by storm with its amazing abilities to cleanse and re arrange the molecular structure of water therefore purifying it. This is all due to the crystal's carbon content/fullerenes.


It also works with Orgonite technology perfectly when transmuting harmful man made EMFs (electromagnetic emissions from electrical grids, computers, cell-phones, Wi-Fi, appliances, and other electronic devices) into wave forms that are more compatible with our biology, therefore creating a healthier environment in your home. 


Created in a cleansed environment to the sounds of 528mhz healing frequency.




Elite Noble Shungite & Tourmaline Merkabah Orgonite Pyramid