Hand crafted Totem Pendant created with an 1/8th Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring surrounding a black / holograph glitter totem made with Elite Noble Shungite nano powder mixed with Copper & Brass


Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring144mhz frequency.

Length 52.4cm

This frequency mainly works on the physical and aspects of life.

It helps materialize ideas and attracts abundance.

Has a vertical energy field.

Works well against pain.

Helps with grounding.

Works on the fourth chakra.

Connects beings with the earth.

Works well at eliminating unhealthy energy fields such as EMF, Dirty Electricity. Neutralises wifi radiation.

Works perfectly against a polluted environment.

Works very well with the Lost Cubit and the Empowerment cubit.


Blessings x

Elite Noble Shungite Tensor Totem Pendant