Egyptian inspired Orgonite Tensor Tech Pyramid


Featuring ISIS the Egyptian Goddess & the Khaleme (symbolic of air) and the Ether (symbolic of the unknown, the mystical ..etheric energy)


Created with a copper coiled Clear Quartz crystal point at the apex and layers of Elite Noble Shungite, Copper, Steel, Quartz and Blue Goldstone spheres.


Incorporated into the Orgonite are two Tensor Rings.

The 1/4 Lost cubit ring 177mhz & the 1/8 Sacred Ring 144mhz

These rings work in cleansing the environment alongside working on all aspects of the etheric body and physical body


10cm x 9.5cm


Blessings xx



Egyptian ISIS Blue Goldstone, Quartz & Shungite EMF Tensor Orgonite Pyramid