Turquoise & Selenite Egyptian  Orgonite Pyramid

18cm height x 14.5cm width


At time of photography the base had not yet been polished so the edges look a little rough. This is not how your piece will look, the bottom edges will be smoothed off.


Enjoy the beautiful cleansing and restructuring energy of this very large Egyptian Inspired Pyramid.


Handcrafted and densly packed with Turquoise, Tourmaline, Shungite, Copper, Steel, Howlite, Carbon, Amethyst, Brass and Goldstone. Finished off with Turquoise holographic glitter for a beautiful aesthetic.


This pyramid features a separately created Shungite, Tourmaline, Turquoise and Goldstone Egyptian Ankh Orgonite Tablet that is embedded into the base of the pyramid as shown in the photos. This practice enhances the piezioelectric affect of the orgonite pyramid.


Powerful EMF defence


The front of the pyramid is symbolic of the All Seeing Eye (3rd Eye) and also features a 1/4 sacred tensor ring that sits at the base of a copper coiled Clear Quartz crystal point that is at the Apex

For all information on how this technology works please refer to my 'Tech Info' page on this website.


PLEASE. Keep in mind that all my products are hand crafted by myself so there may sometimes be very slight imperfections or blemishes that is usual with this type of resin craft. These will only ever be tiny and do not take away from their practicality or beauty. There are also sharp edges/points on some of the pieces (For those who practice Feng Shui)


Thank you for your interest in this item. <3

Turquoise, Shungite & Selenite Egyptian EMF Defence Orgonite Energy Pyramid