Mens Triskelion / Heddeka Orgonite Tensor Pendant.


Created with a 1/4 Sacred cubit measure Tensor Ring shaped into a square.

The tensor ring actually possess infinite energy source which is not magnetic or electric. The output produced provides benefits and healing to living things. Its a superconductor that effectively neutralizes any magnetic field whole bringing coherency in terms of chaotic situations. 


 Sacred Cubit 144mhz frequency. Length 52.4cm

  • This frequency mainly works on the physical aspects of life.

  • Helps materialize ideas, attracts abundance.

  • Has a vertical energy field.

  • Works well against pain.

  • Helps with grounding

  • Works on the fourth chakra.

  • Connects beings with the earth.

  • Works well at eliminating unhealthy energy fields such as EMF, Dirty Electricity.

  • neutralize wifi radiation.

  • Works perfectly against a polluted environment.

  • Works very well with the Lost Cubit and the Empowerment cubit.


The orgonite block is created with a holographic glitter effect and features the Heddeka / Triskelion symbol 


SHUNGITE is taking the healing world by storm with its amazing abilities to cleanse and re arrange the molecular structure of water and transmuting EMF/ Wifi frequencies. It transforms harmful manmade EMFs (electromagnetic emissions from electrical grids, computers, cell-phones, Wi-Fi, appliances, and other electronic devices) into wave forms that are more compatible with our biology, therefore creating a healthier environment in your home. This is all due to the crystal's carbon content/fullerenes.


All my shungite based  pendants are packed with 'premium' Karelian Elite Noble Shungite crystals or nano powder, copper, home produced carbon and black tourmaline. The Orgonite varieties also contain quartz, steel and crystals to create the orgonite technology. 


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Men's Triskelion/Heddeka Orgonite Tensor Pendant. 144mhz Sacred Cubit