EMF Heddeka Mobile/Laptop/Tablet protection plate.
Made to order so please allow time. x

Handmade with loving and healing intent to the

sounds of 528hz miracle tone.


Created with a ¼ Sacred cubit Tensor ring and manipulated into a frame.

    Sacred Tensor Rings are  room temperature super conductors created with precision measurements that resonate at 144mhz that brings coherence to chaotic energies therefore transmuting EMF frequencies into a column of healthy negative ion non electric/non magnetic pure clean beneficial energy.


    These hand crafted plates are created using the Heddeka (Triskelion)

    symbol (created from a Lost cubit measure) which is surrounded by Shungite crystals (Noble Elite Shungite)


    The Heddeka swirl represents the element Heddeka. The Heddeka is an element that comes from the time of the Earth, the time of the beginning of the Earth. In that, has been here for since the Earth began its destiny.

    The Elders Three


    The Heddeka is playing it's part in the cleansing of the Earth. A beautiful spiral swirl of energy that cleanses the environment. Your intentions and your work with this element infuses the Heddeka with the power to help our planet.

    You can leave the coils in various places around your home and within the water or you can hang them from a tree or bury them in your soil (to help grow produce or plants)


    The fullerines present in Shungite works alongside the Heddeka within the Tensor ring to combat the electromagnetic frequencies

    coming from your phone, laptop and wifi.

    Clean up the energies by placing one on all of your devices.


    Comes with self adhesive tape.

    Please check out my website for more information

    on the technology I use and the potency of Shungite



    EMF / WIFI busting Heddeka Tensor Plates,Orgonite plates,Tensor