Childrens FUN mini Orgonite Mobile/Laptop/Tablet EMF Buster Glitter Unicorn

Handmade with loving and healing intent to the
sounds of 528hz miracle tone.

A mini Orgonite created with layers of Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Silica and a copper coiled Clear Quartz double terminator wand.  

I created a glittery little fun piece especially for young children as they are more and more exposed to EMF frequencies at school and at home.

I wanted to make it cute but powerful. Layers of Elite Noble Shungite (The best on the market) with Multi coloured Tourmaline, Silica with copper flakes and featuring a double terminator quartz wand wrapped in copper.

If your child is like thousands of others and has a mobile phone or tablet from a very early age then they need this protection. Their brain is more at risk at an early age so it is imperative that we dissipate these harmful EMFs.  It combats the electromagnetic frequencies coming from their phone, laptop and wifi.

Shungite has a very very powerful effect on EMF. Please visit my website to find links to videos demonstrating how this works.
Clean up the energies by placing on laptops or place in childrens pockets.

Childs Glitter Mini SHUNGITE & Tourmaline/Quartz EMF busting UNICORN Energy Clea