1/4 Lost cubit Tensor ring 177mhz frequency healing


It has Metatrons cube holding the space within the ring


In heaven Enoch becomes an extraordinary angel, also referred to as Metatron.  The Book of Enoch recounts Enoch’s journey and discovery while in heaven including the great flood.  Scholars believe that the Book of Enoch was written somewhere between 50 BCE and 70 CE


In other legends and especially within the Kaballah, Enoch as Metatron is the archangel charged with recording the deeds of all creation in the Book of Life.  Metatron also is one of very few allowed to look upon the countenance of the divine, and through this access knows all the secrets of the universe and acts as the mediator between God and his people.

Enoch as Metatron, who are both regarded as divine scribes, is also associated with the Egyptian god of wisdom and writing, Thoth, and the Greek god Hermes, messenger of the gods, who together become the hermetic figure Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes the Thrice Great).


Metatrons cube is responsible for protecting and balancing the flow

of energy through all things. It can be found within the 'Flower of Life'

geometry. It is useful for healing, clearing, balancing on a cellular level and establishing a connection to source.


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Blessings xx

Archangel Metatron / Thoth 1/4 Lost Cubit Tensor ring pendant 177mhz