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1/4 Lost cubit Ruby & Rose Quartz Tensor Heart Pendant


1/4 Lost cubit Tensor ring teased into a heart.

Created with genuine Ruby gemstones and Rose

Quartz crystal spheres. Beautiful crystals that promote self

acceptance and unconditional love. Their properties enhanced by the powerful vortex energy of Tensor technology.




The frequency of this ring (177mhz) works on the Mental,

Emotional, Physical and Etheric aspects. The Lost Cubit is a more

complete frequency than the (Sacred/Royal Cubit) 144 MHz,

and is stronger and more powerful.

Calming, soothing, good to sleep with under the pillow

Great for meditation.Will also balance brain hemispheres.

Element Earth and Ether, connecting Earth to Spiritual

Perfect for troubled times and self healing

It has a horizontal energy.

Balanced Feminine and Masculine Divine energies.

Works the 4th and 6th Chakras

Can be worn by itself or together with Sacred/Royal Cubit


Created within a cleansed environment to the sounds of

432mhz miracle healing tone



1/4 Lost cubit Ruby & Rose Quartz Tensor Heart Pendant