Amulet created with a 1/4 Sacred cubit Tensor Ring gridded with Hematite.


Features an Elite Noble Shungite orgonite with Spiral. Please see my info section on the value of Shungite in transmuting EMF frequencies and the beautiful properties of the Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring  x


Hematite has the ability to draw out deep-rooted traumas, parts of your current belief system that the conscious mind is not aware of.

This type of shadow work may be intense and overwhelming, but It will help you recognize your current mental state. And through becoming more conscious of your behaviours, you will be able to reprogram your subconscious into a new way of thinking.

Hematite is a nurturing stone. It is taking you on a gradual path during your Spiritual evolution, without causing too much shock or stress. That is why it’s ideal for those who wish to heal through confronting their past, slowly and gently.

Healing these traumas and rewriting old thought patterns will initiate your connection back to Mother Earth

Hematite has an almost steely quality and feel to it that means that, intellectually speaking, you always feel as though you have a solid footing.

By using Hematite, you make way for more positive energy to enter into your life.

Hematite’s main metaphysical property could be described as “grounding.”

If you tend to have a ‘flighty’ mind, prone to distraction, lack of focus, or anxiety, or even if you feel that you have a strong imagination, but that it’s impacting you negatively, this could be the perfect stone for you.




















1/2 Sacred Tensor Hematite & Shungite Amulet 144mhz frequency