Keep Me Close

 Personal Keepsakes


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Keep Me Close was created to offer a service with care and sensitivity to those who have lost a loved one and wish to have a 'forever keepsake'


I was asked to create a piece for a lady encapsulating her fathers ashes and it was such a lovely thing to be able to bring just a little comfort to someone that I decided to offer it as a service.


I create handcrafted orgonite which encase your loved ones ashes in the most lovely and unique way. It is a meld of all things natural. Your loved ones ashes will be merged with organic and inorganic materials, Carbon, Shungite and other beautiful crystals all of which are the very building blocks of our planet and life itself. We are all created out of minerals & carbon so this is a beautiful natural combination to create your forever keepsake. 

I will create a bespoke piece, to your personal specifications, that not only brings the comfort of keeping the memory of your loved one close by but also offers protection against electromagnetic harmful energies emitted by the devices and electricals in your home. It will transmute harmful stagnant energies into restructured beneficial "Negative Ion" energy.

It is very easy to order your 'forever keepsake'. Take a look at the different styles of orgonite that I create and choose what you would like and contact me via email, phone or facebook and we can arrange the order. All contact details are on my homepage.  All styles are shown in my Orgonite Gallery on this website. None of my keepsakes will be identical as they are all handmade but I will always endeavour to meet your preferences. You can choose to have different colours / crystals to suit your needs.  Then all you have to do is place the ashes in a secure bag/ziplock/box (Please make sure it is well wrapped and secure to avoid any loss and clearly labelled with your name and address) and it is suggested to send them to me "signed for" as it is the most secure way to ensure the safe delivery.

xxx  BLESSINGS xxx